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Admission Information for Academic Session 2017-2018

Download the Application for Admission from here


  • Parents seeking admission should first register the child by completing and submitting the application for Admission form and take an appointment for the test or interview.
  • Relevant Fee structure will be provided after registration.
  • Registration does not in any way confirm or guarantee admission. Admission is subject to getting through an admission test/ interview and availability of seats.
  • The class for which a child is tested is determined according to the child's age as on 1st August. (Age levels for different classes are given)

Assessment/Admission Test

Pre-Nursery Nursery- Kindergarten I & II
A formal interview with both the parents is taken. The child/children must also be present at the time
of interview.

Class-I Onwards

  • Applicants for Class I onwards are tested in three subjects - English, Urdu and Mathematics.
  • The pass percentage is 50% and duration of each paper is approximately 30 minutes.
  • For the written test, the child should come properly equipped with pencil, eraser, sharpener and ruler
  • The tests are of a general nature designed to assess the understanding of the child in the basic subjects.
  • Successful candidates are then given an interview date.
  • The Admission office confirms admission or refusal through telephone within days of the interview.

In all cases, the decision of the school is final and cannot be challenged in any way.

Admission Procedure

  • Parents receive the admission fee challan from the Admissions Office.
  • Payment is received by the Accounts Office and receipts are issued.
  • Admission form is issued from Admissions Office ( to be filled at the school).
  • Confirmation of Admission is subject to receipt of Admission Confirmation Letter.
  • The child is permitted to attend classes only after receiving the admission confirmation letter from Accounts Office.
  • The documents to be attached with the Admission Form include:-
    • 6 recent passport size photographs of child and 3 of parents each (father & mother).
    • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
    • Report Card from Last School
  • The Following fees are payable:
A Registration Fee Non-Refundable
B Admission Fee Non-Refundable
C Security Deposit Refundable (subject to conditions)
D Tuition Fee Payable every 3 months in Advance
E Extra Charges Payable every 3 months in Advance


  • Fee is subject to review annually
  • Sibling discount is available

Rules of Payment

  • Fees are charged for all twelve months of the year and are payable every 3 months
  • The fees payable for the period of the summer vacation are paid in advance and prior to closure
  • Once the fee challan has been issued, payment is made directly to the bank where the school operates its account. Parents must pay the fees by the date specified on the fee challan.
  • Fees paid after the due date is subject to late fee as specified on the fee challan
  • If the tuition fee has not been paid by the end of the second month, the admission is cancelled automatically.

School Transport

The school transport system offers safe and secure transport facility for very young children by ensuring that the vans used for this purpose are well maintained, drivers are experienced and maids are present to
look after the children in the vans.

Download the Application for Admission from here

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