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Life Skills Program


The AMI School believes that the cognitive skills gained through core academic coursework are critical, but that it is equally important for children to develop the social and emotional skills essential for lifelong success – skills best learned through a well-rounded, "holistic" curriculum.

This holistic approach to education encourages students to explore ideas and experiences that will help them become responsible and active participants in society. By exposing students to a wide variety of experiences it also lays the foundation for building proficiencies necessary to compete in a world where technical abilities and non-cognitive skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, self-discipline, effective communication and ethical decision-making are essential.

Our ‘"Life Skills Program" aims to integrate the learning of such skills in the school. It has been introduced at the Junior and Senior levels since last year and includes the following courses:-

- Taekwondo

- Roller skating

- Creative Clay

- Theatre

- Vocal training

- Public speaking

-Home gardening

Expert instructors and teachers are hired for these courses and the classes are held every week. More courses will be added each year to create a wider spectrum of interests and experiences for the students. Presently, our course instructors include:-

Taekwondo Instructor:  Laiq Sultan

Is a black belt DAN certified by World Taekwondo Federation Korea with the following awards to his credit. Is currently working as a sports coordinator and Taekwondo instructor in many schools & clubs. Is also the founder and president of United Taekwondo Academy.

§ Black Belt 1st DAN, 1992 (Union Taekwondo Organization of Pakistan)

§ Black Belt 2nd DAN, 1994 (Kay Jays Taekwondo Association)

§ Black Belt 3rd DAN, 1998 (Kay Jays Taekwondo Association

International DAN Certifications

§ Black Belt 1st DAN 2000 (World Taekwondo Federation, Korea)

§ Black Belt 2nd DAN 2002 (World Taekwondo Federation, Korea)

§ Black Belt 3rd DAN 2004 (World Taekwondo Federation, Korea)

§ Black Belt 4th DAN 2007 (World Taekwondo Federation, Korea)


Theatre Instructor:  Atif Badar

Worked with several notable directors and have done many theatre plays and countless mobile theatre performances for educational purposes in remote villages and cities of Pakistan. Along with theatre, he has also performed in various TV productions and a film called "RAM CHAND PAKISTANI".

Has conducted numerous theatre workshops for enhancing communication skills in collaboration with Aga Khan Medical College and University.

Is a voice over articst and does voice overs and narrations as well.

As a culinary expert his recipes have been published in SHE Mgazine, DAWN Review, THE NEWS and he has also taught many people how to cook in Singapore and Pakistan.


Roller Skating Instructor: Mohammad Tahir

Has attended various national and international tournaments. Has organized summer camps for youth & works as a coach at various school. Is a recognized player of Roller hockey, Roller basket ball and Roller soccer.

Represented Pakistan in speed skating championship held in China. Received a gold medal in speed skating in ‘All Pakistan CDGK Roller Skating competition’.


Creative clay Instructor: Khalid Perwani

Was trained by Mr. Tariq Jawed (a legendary artist of clay and terracotta) and has been working in this field for the past 15 years. At present, he provides his services to different schools of Karachi.


Gymnastics Instructor: Mohammad Umair Khan

Mr. Umair Khan, gymnastics instructor, started his training as a gymnast in 1986. He has the honour of being the all round gymnast in Karachi/Sindh Championship. He is also a gold medalist in National games and interclub competitions. At present, apart from his responsibilities as the Sports teacher and gymnastics instructor at The AMI School, he holds the position of a coach in Sindh Sports Board and is also the treasurer of Sindh Gymnastics Association

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