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Usually held in March every year, this is to promote the interest in reading among the students of classes I and II. Children race to read a set number of books and complete the Readathon booklets and receive special gifts!  Recognizing that the reading levels and speed vary greatly in younger children, there are no winners or losers but everyone’s efforts are appreciated and rewarded.


AMI  Reads

A yearlong reading program for the students at the Junior section is aimed to develop a love of reading. A new theme is introduced at the beginning of each month and various activities are planned to encourage everyone to read some material related to the theme! The most popular themes are usually mystery, fantasy, adventure and favorite author. The “ drop everything and read “ (D.E.A.R.) activity is thoroughly enjoyed by all as the freedom to choose the setting for reading a book is so exciting when it can be up a tree or inside a tunnel! Lookout for this year’s activities in our updates section.


Information and communication technology program

Introduced from KG I, this program goes up to grade 11. A most modern and well equipped computer lab and trained faculty ensures the best ICT education for our students.

The school works with an internationally recognized organization, The Fourth R in order to bring the best and latest in the field of technology to the students. The school is also a part of the classroom connection, a worldwide initiative organized by the British Council.


Physical Education ( PE)

“Children, who learn the importance of health and hygiene in their early ages, tend to grow up to be responsible and healthy adults who are well aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

At the preschool level, the physical education program emphasizes the development of     fundamental motor skills through outdoor activities, drama/ movement, music and sports.

The students at the junior level enjoy traditional sports and activities as they are ready to experience a wide variety of movements. The young adults at the senior level are provided ample opportunities to explore their choice of physical activities and specialize according to interest and abilities.


Professional Development

In house training and development is a regular feature of the school and continues throughout the year. This is done by the subject coordinators and principals at each level.  The school’s employment code makes it mandatory for each staff member to attend a set number of training sessions.

Moreover, experts and specialists are invited to the school usually on working Saturdays apart from the enrollment of faculty members in workshops and certificate courses offered by recognized teacher training institutions like Teachers’ Resource Centre, Spelt, AKU- IED, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), etc.


Community Involvement and Outreach

This has been an integral part of The AMI School since its inception and we have an enviable record of service with a number of NGO s and Government organizations. We are always ready to lend a helping hand across the country to people affected by earth quakes, floods or other calamities. Great stress is given to social responsibility and activism and such activities are included in the school year at each level. Apart from the compulsory community service of 30 hours at the secondary level, the school is involved in drives, campaigns and fundraising for different organizations and causes.

The school works with Children’s’ Museum of Peace and Human Rights (CMPHR), WWF Pakistan regularly to support their work with fund and awareness raising programs.


Social Welfare Program

The mandatory 30 hour Social Welfare for O-I and O-II was held from September 03 to September 07,2012.The Kidney Center Post Graduate Training institute, Child Aid Association and SMB Fatima Jinnah Girls School are organizations with whom The AMI School has established permanent links for this activity. Various tasks were assigned to students, ranging from updating the database, taking the blood pressure reading to promotional work for a charitable mela.

The aim of this week is to make students aware of their role in society and to become responsible citizens.


CAP (across the border)

The AMI School has joined hands with The Citizens Archive of Pakistan(CAP), a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the cultural and historical heritage of Pakistan for their “Exchange for Change” program .The aim of this program is to improve relationship between school students of 2 different countries .it makes the students in both countries realize that dialogue is not just possible but sustainable too.

Our country is India. The Exchange for Change- India seeks to exchange information, establish intercommunity linkages, alter student’s stereotypical perception and encourage people to people countact.Class VII is participating under the supervision of the class teacher Ms. Naveeda Salim and Ms. Asima Arif.

There are 5 phases involved:

  • Phase 1 - Letter Series
  • Phase 2 - Photography Series
  • Phase 3 - Oral History Series
  • Phase 4 - Video Series
  • Phase 5 - Physical Exchange

Phase 1 - Letter Series: Students write letter introducing themselves, interest, hobbies and ask questions from their counterparts. Handmade Eid cards were sent along with their letters.



Phase 2 - Photography Series: Photography depicting lifestyles and collages depicting Monuments, school life, food and festivals workshops will be made. This enables letter understanding of the other country lifestyle.


Phase 3 - Oral History Series: Students interview grand parents about their early lives in the subcontinent and record them to be sent to their counterparts.


Phase 4 - video series: The entire project is documented, recording the student’s hopes and aspirations which will be exchanged at the end of the project.


Phase 5 - Physical Change: At the end of the project, selected members will visit India for a weeklong trip. This will allow face to face interaction and personally experience life across the border.

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