To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

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The AMI School

A well known saying tells us that change is the only thing which is constant. This is certainly true for The AMI School as we have been steadily growing and changing over the years. The one eighty degree turn taken towards becoming an O level school after many years of existence as a reputable Montessori became a major source for the rapid changes in the infrastructure and ethos of the school. As we expanded our facilities, staff and student body, we again realized that change is indeed the most constant reality.

Throughout the long history of the school and the many changes that have been integrated, one thing that is most obvious is our passion and commitment to our children and families. All our efforts and resources are directed towards providing the best practices in education with acceptance of diversity, respect of individuality and working together as the cornerstones of our policies.

Welcome to the ever changing community of The AMI School. We pride ourselves as a group of active and committed learners who are determined to build a fair and compassionate society by leading the students to intellectual excellence and a strong character!

We invite you to explore our school to see what we offer.