AMI Interact Club

  • Mohammed Azfer
    President (OI-A)
  • Mariam Asad
    Vice-President (OI-B)
  • Adain Ahmed
    Treasurer (OI-B)
  • Eesha Naushad
    Secretary (OI-B)
  • Inaya Ahmed
    Directors (9A)
  • Irham Hasan 
    Director (9B)

Part of Rotary International, the AMI Interact Club was formed to energize and inspire young leaders through service; shaping them into pro-active, responsible and empowered global citizens – exemplifying our core value “Social Responsibility”.

Since its inception the AMI Interact Club has been on a mission to improve social welfare at the school and community level.

Milestones for academic year 2022-2023


Starting with a Mini-Carnival in October 2022, the Club raised 34,000 PKR which went towards tents and mosquito nets for flood victims! The event was a huge success, with the entire Senior Branch participating and contributing towards this goal.

Child Aid Association

Visited Child Aid Association at JPMC and spent a day with the children and doctors of the CCU learning about the day-to-day life at the cancer ward. In their own words this was truly an “eye opening experience” when they saw first-hand the difficulties faced by doctors working hard on the front lines and the condition of the child patients.
The Club members shared stories with the children and taught them Origami – as the Japanese say if you make 1,000 paper cranes your wishes come true. The students came back from the trip with an infinite gratitude for life and an unwavering resolve towards serving humanity.

InterCon 2022

The Club also participated at the InterCon 2022, a conference where they met and learnt from the different Interact clubs of schools across Pakistan.

Book Drive

Currently they are actively running a Book Drive at the Senior and Junior campuses, where a certain percentage of the books will be donated to welfare organizations and the rest used to repopulate in-class libraries!!