Dear parents,


Our long-awaited after-school initiative the “Enclave” has successfully begun and is fast gaining popularity among the community! We have been observing the challenges being faced by most of you to make arrangements to have your child/children attend these classes which are mainly going back and forth during the time when school gets over and the Enclave sessions begin.


We are happy to share that freshly cooked meal (prepared at the Daycare kitchen), changing, and unwinding for the Enclave participants has been arranged at our Daycare facility. For longer waiting durations the children can also be supported to get their H.W done with the help of one of our teachers. For these facilities, nominal charges of Rs.2000/- per month will be added to the Enclave fee.


You can contact the admission office for more details and register your child for this facility.


Best Regards,
Team Enclave
Date: 11th October 2022