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As Hypertufa
is not a process/technique people are usually familiar with, The AMI school
took an initiative to include this activity as a part of their Life Skills

A very
simple explanation of the concept is that Hypertufa looks like stone, but
weighs less and is easy to mould into different shapes. The technique is child
friendly and can easily be carried out at home under adult supervision.

This process
consists of 5 steps along with various supplies and materials like portland
cement, perlite etc. Once all the materials are mixed together and the steps
are followed, the Hypertufa is kept in shade for a few days and is left to
harden in texture. Once it has completely shaped, it is then used as containers
that are not only unique, but also hold aesthetic value and can be used as

The presentation was extremely interesting to observe as both the instructors interacted with the students  throughout. The most interesting aspect of this class was the inclusion of nature. These containers were made for rock plants and things like succulents and other plants. Leaves of various trees including papaya were used to give the pieces a fossilized effect. The class was conducted by the guest trainer Ms.Tarranum Anwar and our home gardening instructor Ms. Itrat Haseeb






The bestthing about this class was its nature of being out of the box. Allowing thechildren creative freedom. It managed to plant the following seeds:
– Strong sense of confidence in their own skills
– Sense of achievement
– Creative outlet
-Appreciation of nature and its simplistic beauty
– Patience

The motto of
the Life Skill Program is “Planting The Seeds Of Growth And Change”
and  it is fair to say that the Hypertufa
class did manage to do so successfully.






If you would like to find out more
information about this technique/process, Please click on the link below:


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