AKUH Dental Clinic Visit - The AMI School
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AKUH Dental Clinic Visit

AKUH Dental Clinic Visit

Dentistry is not expensive, Neglect is.

AMI School recently conducted an educational field trip to The AKUH Dental Clinic
for the students of Class III.

A healthy mind lives
in a healthy body” 
is one of our fundamental beliefs
behind promoting dental health awareness and making it a regular feature in our

wanted to spread awareness that bad dental health affects much more that just
one’s teeth, and prevention is possible if a certain dental routine is followed
including brushing, flossing along with regular visits to the dentist









Dr Rashna H Sukhia | Dr Mansur Ahmad

Our students this year, visited Dr Mansur Ahmad (Dental,
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon) and Dr Rashna Hoshang Sukhia (Dental

Mansur Ahmad, was a huge hit with the kids due to his friendly and approachable
demeanor, also proving that going to the dentist is not a horrifying experience
as is usually believed; this belief is fairly common not only in children but
also adults.










Both doctors conducted a session that was educational, as well as interactive making it a fun learning experience for the students. A representative from Colgate was also a part of the session further emphasizing the importance of brushing the teeth properly.







We also managed to promote Dental Health Awareness in our classrooms
using an Urdu poem titled ‘Daant toot gaya’. The teachers integrated the theme
in different activities making the topic understandable and relatable.

The response of the students was amazing and came in all forms such as
presentations, essays and artwork.


The posters and cards were made by our
students after they returned from their field trip to  the AKUH Dental  Clinic. Thus, proving that our students not
only learnt, but also understood the concept of dental health, and the steps
needed to ensure it.

We, at The AMI School extend our
heartfelt gratitude to Dr Mansur Ahmed, Dr Rashna Hoshang Sukhia  and their team. We would also like to thank Ms
Naila Badruddin for facilitating this delightful experience.

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