To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

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The AMI School is a progressive and dynamic institution with a holistic approach to education. It is dedicated to creating a learning community of motivated students and staff engaged in active learning through modern trends and methodologies. It was originally known as The AMI Montessori which was established by Mrs. Gool K. Minwalla in 1968. The same institution has been upgraded to offer a full academic program from Pre-Nursery to O level and is registered with the Cambridge International Examinations and Sindh Education Directorate.

The school is run under the direct management and supervision of Nasira Faiz, Rabeea Minai and Saba Quadir. All three started their career as Montessori trained teachers and have been working in the field of education for well over 25 years now. They are known for their innovative and progressive approach in education and are recognized as experts in curriculum development, teacher training and educational leadership. They are also involved in several projects and initiatives to bring about meaningful changes in the educational practices in Pakistan.

Truly believing that the scope of education is much wider than getting good grades and that learning only takes place in a happy and safe environment, the school set itself apart from the very beginning by welcoming all children irrespective of differences in ability or intellect. The primary focus was and is on respecting the differences as individual learning patterns and finding the ways to modify the system to accept these rather than forcing all to fit in. The school discourages competition, as understood in our part of the world, as a negative force which not only destroys the natural instincts and curiosity of the child but fatally damages the personality by looking for weaknesses rather than strengths.

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