International Library Month - The AMI School
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International Library Month

International Library Month

In a world where the information is
changing, the ways to acquire it have also evolved. The constant throughout
this change has been an institution named the Library.

Here at The AMI School we celebrate
International Library Month, this celebration has been part of our academic
calendar for the last three years. The reason for this celebration has been to
create interest and awareness within our students that books are indeed a man’s
best friend, at every stage of life. This belief reflects not only in our
general academia, but physically manifests itself in our libraries.






A library is a school’s nerve center
not only for academic learning, but also plays a vital role in activating
imagination and nurturing the natural curiosity that is an innate part of
children’s psyche.






The celebration of International Library Month also helps us promote the importance of reading in our students, through different activities like storytelling and themed book weeks. We would also like to create recognition of the importance of school libraries and art of reading amongst our parents.






Storytelling Session (Junior Branch)

All our libraries have been designed keeping the ages, reading levels and interests of the students in mind and the books and reading material selected are all age appropriate. Books of certain genres like horror/violence have been omitted from our collection. Our spaces are not only mentally, but also visually stimulating keeping our students attentive and engrossed.






Storytelling Session (Nursery Branch)

Our library spaces are two dimensional serving as fully equipped media centers. Alongside, we also cater to our teachers housing a number of teacher reference books and teaching material.

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