Junior Student Council

Student council at AMI are elected every year through a real life process of nominations, campaigning and elections for the posts of head boy, head girl, house captains and vice captains.
A bid for Student Council can and does bring many benefits to students irrespective of winning or losing:

  • They learn how governments work.
  • The nomination process encourages critical self reflection by thinking about the roles that fit them best!
  • Develop public speaking skills.
  • Learn graciousness to accept losing with confidence and grace.
  • Develops empathy to look at problems and issues from different viewpoints.

Student Council 2022-2023

Student Council 2022-2023
Head Boy
Muhammad Eizer Asif
Head Girl
Azeen Bolani


Captain S.M.Bin Kashif & Ch.M Tahoor Tahir
Vice Captain Zoona Fatima
Treasurer Rabeesa Munir
Secretary Naqiya Abbas


Captain M.Taha Danish
Vice Captain S.Hamza Danish
Treasurer Jinbyol Kim
Secretary M.Emad Kazi


Captain Saniyah Imad
Vice Captain Aly Aahan
Treasurer Rayyan Motiwala
Secretary Syeda Maryam


Captain M.Ali Usmani
Vice Captain Noor-ul-Huda
Treasurer Zainab Hasnain
Secretary Amyrah John