Life Skills Program


In a fast-changing world, having Life Skills is essential and has, therefore, become an integral part of education. Students need these life skills to cope with the ever-increasing pace and change of modern times. In everyday life, developing life skills help students to :

  • find new ways of thinking and problem solving
  • take responsibility for their actions
  • gain confidence for group collaboration and cooperation
  • achieve a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation of others
  • work as part of a team

The courses offered are:

Our Life Skills Program has been running successfully at Junior and Senior Sections for many years and will continue in next academic year too with some exciting additions. Each Life Skills course is conducted by trained instructors on a weekly basis. It is a compulsory program and every student has to select one course.

  • Roller skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Creative clay
  • Cyber Robotics
  • Home Gardening
  • Puppet Masters
  • Young Economists
  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo
  • Theatre
  • Craft work
  • Trash Busters
Atif Badar

Worked with several notable directors and have done many theatre plays and countless mobile theatre performances for educational purposes in remote villages and cities of Pakistan. Along with theatre, he has also performed in various TV productions and a film called “RAM CHAND PAKISTANI”. Has conducted numerous theatre workshops for enhancing communication skills in collaboration with Aga Khan Medical College and University.
Is a voice-over artist and do voiceovers and narrations as well.
As a culinary expert his recipes have been published in a SHE Magazine, DAWN Review, THE NEWS and he has also taught many people how to cook in Singapore and Pakistan.

Mohammad Tahir
Roller Skating

Has attended various national and international tournaments. Has organized summer camps for youth & works as a coach at various school. Is a recognized player of Roller hockey, Roller basket ball and Roller soccer.
Represented Pakistan in speed skating championship held in China. Received a gold medal in speed skating in All Pakistan CDGK Roller Skating competition.

Muhammad Umair Khan

Umair Khan, gymnastics instructor, started his training as a gymnast in 1986. He has the honour of being the all round gymnast in Karachi/Sindh Championship. He is also a gold medalist in National games and interclub competitions. At present, apart from his responsibilities as the Sports teacher and gymnastics instructor at The AMI School, he holds the position of a coach in Sindh Sports Board and is also the treasurer of Sindh Gymnastics Association.

Sana Ashfaq

Bachelors in Physical Education from Karachi University
Advance Yoga Course from YOGI WAJAHAT
Yoga, Aerobics & Other Games & Sports Certifications.

Muhammad Aslam
Creative Clay
Abdul Ghani
Creative Clay

Muhammad Aslam and Abdul Ghani have been a part of AMI since a very long time and are professional potters. For them pottery making is a family profession. They are currently working at Habib School as well as managing pottery stalls at Port Grand.

Christine Nunes

Christine has been a part of The AMI as a music instructor since 2015. She has gained an ARCO diploma on the organ and completed her masters in music from Oxford University, UK. She has been teaching music in primary and junior schools level over 25 years, now presently, she teaches music at Froebels Education Centre and The AMI School.

Cyber Robotics

Robotics Labs, Karachi, established in 2011 offers a successful blend of curriculum, technologies, and pedagogical approaches for introducing concepts of new digital technologies, engineering, and computer programming since early childhood. From august 2017, they will be providing hands on Robotics engineering based training at the school leading to the development of logical thinking, team work and creativity as part of our Life skills program.

Itrat Haseeb
Home Gardening

Itrat Haseeb, Life Skill Instructor (Horticulture), is associated with AMI since last 08years now. She is also conducting similar classes in other leading schools in Karachi. In addition to regular classes at leading educational institutes, she also takes home gardening classes for ladies and house wives. She is also a member of various clubs and forums on Organic farming. She has the passion to grow and experiment organic solutions. She actively participates in various get-togethers, social and professional meetings held by various organic societies in town. Her followers are now spread across the country. Her passion and interest has encouraged a number of families to work towards healthy self-reliance by growing organic vegetables and fruits in their home gardens and roof tops. She keeps abreast herself by taking regular online courses on organic gardening.