Online Admission Procedure

Going up to O-Levels, students at The AMI School are encouraged to learn, grow and develop in an inclusive, progressive and nurturing environment.
Following is the step by step detailed admission process for your information. For any further clarification, you may contact our Admission Office at 0333-0328058.

Child's Assessment
Family Interview
Payment of Charges
Submission of Documents


Filing out the Application form is the first step in starting your child’s admission process at The AMI School. You may click on this link to fill in the online form.
The form is self-explanatory; in case you need assistance, please feel free to contact the Admission office through email at [email protected] or calling at +92 333 0328058
The class for which the child is tested is determined according to the child’s age, as per the following table:

ClassAge as in July 2023
III7.5 – 8.4
IV8.5 – 9.4
V9.5 – 10.4
VI10.5 – 11.4
VII11.5 – 12.4
VIII12.5 – 13.4
IX13.5 – 14.4
OI14.5 – 15.4
OII15.5 – 16.4

Child’s Assessment

With respect to the entrance test, following need to be noted carefully: –
The duration of this assessment test ranges from one hour to two and a half hours, depending upon the class applied for.
The child will be required to complete / submit the answers within given time.
Parents are notified about the result within 3 working days after the test.

Family Interview

On clearing the entrance test, the family is provided with an interview appointment.
Both the parents and the child are to be present at the interview.
The Admissions Office will contact the family and apprise them of the final result through a telephone call within 3 working days after the interview.


 On successfully clearing the admission criteria parents will be emailed the admission fee voucher by the Admission Office.
 The payment for the same can be made by transferring the amount to our Habib Metro Bank Account No. 6-99-03-29314-714-103506 (Account Title: Education Works (Pvt) Ltd – COLLECTION ACCOUNT) within 5 working days of the issuance of the fee voucher.

The fee voucher includes the following: –
Admission Fees (non-refundable)
Security Deposit (Refundable as per policy signed by parents)
Monthly Fee (for 1 month)
Annual Charges

Once the form is filled in and submitted, data will be reviewed by the Admissions Office. If any clarity / information is required, admission office will contact the parent.
Confirmation of Admission is subject to receipt of Admission Confirmation Letter / email from the school.
The child is permitted to attend classes only after receiving a confirmation email from the Accounts Office along with the expected joining date.

Payment of charges

Any fee unpaid till after the due date is subject to late payment charges.
Any fee outstanding till the end of the month of fee voucher issuance will result in
cancellation of admission, in which case the security deposit will not be refunded or adjusted in the outstanding fee, late charges and any other outstanding charges.
The fee structure is subject to an annual review

Submission of Documents

The following documents to be submitted within 10 working days from date of admission.
4 passport size photographs and a copy of your child’s B-Form.
2 passport size photographs and copies of parents CNIC.
Previous school’s report (if applicable).