Online Learning At AMI - The AMI School
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Online Learning At AMI

Living up to its core belief that “change is the only constant”, The AMI school has aligned itself with the extraordinary situation created due to the COVID19 pandemic by switching to  online teaching  after the government’s announcement of school closure in March 2020.


Let us be very clear  that neither the school, nor parents and students are happy about this drastic change or too eager to have it continue for longer period of time.However, this has to be accepted as the most viable option in the present situation. Our classes began virtually  from 1st  June and ended on 19th July 2020 which was the end of our academic session 2019-2020.  New academic session for the year 2020-21 has started virtually from 12th  August 2020 and will continue the same way till  government reopens schools.

After the sudden closure of schools, we quickly arranged to have live sessions with the objective of daily interaction of students with their teachers. This way the children feel connected with their teachers, friends and their normal daily routines. In addition to the live classes, prerecorded videos were also provided which can be watched as per convenience of every family.


 At AMI, our staff is working diligently to provide high quality and effective distance learning program for our students. We request your sincere support in encouraging your children to be as dedicated and focused to their online learning.


While we do not have all the answers yet and recognize that there are problems to resolved, we are committed to address all these challenges and request your patience and support.