Online Learning Program From Pre-Nursery To KG lI - The AMI School
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Online Learning Program From Pre-Nursery To KG lI

 Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG I & KG Il

Live sessions and Online  Assignments

In Pre-Nursery , Nursery, KG I and KG II, ZOOM is used for video conferencing/ live lessons . Zoom is a web based video conferencing tool  that allows teachers to have face to face sessions with the students to teach and engage with them.


For this, students are required to login to ZOOM. The link is shared by the teachers through email on

  • the parents email IDs in Nursery and Pre Nursery
  • students’ G Suite ID in KG I and KG II


Online Assignments :


Pre Nursery , Nursery and KG 1; 

Assignments and other tasks/ material are emailed also on the same email IDS.


KGlls :

In KGlls assignments and other tasks / material will be uploaded on Google Classroom. Students can view, print or download the assignments.( View details in Class l and ll s Online learning program section)