Our Values

The AMI logo comprising of a tree, a swallow and the Sun beautifully represents the school ethos and captures our commitment to nurturing and growing while maintaining a strong bond with community and nature.

Swallows are extraordinary agile birds which demonstrate grit, determination, resilience & strength to travel hundreds of kilometers every day to reach their destination during the migration period; thus representing another one of AMI’s core values, namely SISU. The concept encompasses the qualities of perseverance and determination, an ideology which The AMI School fosters & inculcates in all its stakeholders.

The Sun, which shines equally over everybody without prejudice or discrimination, stands for Inclusivity. Creating a welcoming space where everyone irrespective of religion, culture, ethnicity or abilities etc. is celebrated and given equal opportunity is something we hold close to our heart and are extremely proud of! Embracing children from all spectrums of life, we have created a community which derives strength through differences; enabling us to accept, grow and add to the legacy of the school – where all the threads of our rich tapestry have equal value, no matter their shape or color.

The tree in the center stands for Social Responsibility – being deeply connected to nature and community. We share this magnificent Earth with a plethora of plants, animals, and other human beings, and while we enjoy the benefits of this beauty that surrounds us we also have a profound responsibility. To protect, to nurture, to cherish and to go beyond “me & me only” is the essence of social responsibility.

Our emphasis continues to be the individual child and education for life extending beyond academics.

“We rise by lifting others”