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School Updates


Dr. Debbie Kramer- Roy was in the city for the second planned visit this year. During this visit, apart from review and training sessions, the importance of parental involvement was highlighted in two meetings held at the school. A small focus group has been established to begin the task of providing support to parents. In summer this year, two occupational therapists from DUHS, Ms. Nighat and Ms. Sunaina had visited UK with one of the teachers from AMI, Ms. Rukhshanda for training and attending a Conference. School visits were also on the agenda this year as two more schools are to be inducted in the project from next year.

READ – AMI A joint venture

The AMI School and READ join hands to provide top of the line services to our students, their families and the residents of nearby areas.The joint venture combines the experience and expertise of READ and AMI to offer the best possible solutions and support for children with learning difficulties or special educational needs. The venture will operate under the name READ – AMI and will be based in the school premises. It aims to capitalize on the strong reputation READ has developed as a leading provider of screening, remedial teaching, ESL support and teacher training and on AMI’s strengths as one of the best inclusive schools in Pakistan.

After School Care Program

Are you a busier-than-ever parent? If so, you may be very interested in our daycare expansion by introducing a new, stimulating After School Care Program which is one of a kind! Addressing the need of the hour with more and more women joining the work force, this offers a safe and secure environment for children from 6 years to 10 years. Supervised by trained staff, it is the ideal blend of rest, recreation and studies. With freshly cooked meals, homework help and physical activities this serves to ensure quality family time in the evenings! Nazra classes and subject support are also available as optional services.

Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF)

A basic skills program aimed at nurturing critical thinking has been introduced at our Senior section for the students of classes 6 to 9. It provides opportunities of reinforcing basic concepts in English and Math in addition to sessions on Ehtics and Ettiques and Critical Thinking. Held at Senior branch premises, the program is aptly named as the students, in groups, attend different sessions on Friday instead of attending regular classes.

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