Student Council

Student council at AMI are elected every year through a real-life process of nominations, campaigning and elections for the posts of head boy, head girl, house captains, and vice captains.
A bid for Student Council can and does bring many benefits to students irrespective of winning or losing:

  • They learn how governments work.
  • The nomination process encourages critical self-reflection by thinking about the roles that fit them best!
  • Develop public speaking skills.
  • Learn graciousness to accept losing with confidence and grace.
  • To look at problems and issues from different viewpoints.
Student Council 2019-2020
Student Council 2019-2020
From Left to Right:

Inaya Imran, Abeeha Asif, Faizaan Saleem, Amna Majid, .M. Hamza Baghpatee, Alina Salman, Maaz Nasir, Arsh Saleem ,Hiba Niyaz, Shabbir Adnan

HEAD BOY : S.M. Hamza Baghpatee

HEAD GIRL : Alina Salman

HEAD BOY : S.M. Hamza Baghpatee







Maaz Nasir

Shabbir Adnan

Amna Majid

Abeeha Asif

Arsh Saleem

Hiba Niaz

Faizaan Saleem

Inaya Imran